Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Capture Inspiration

It's widely believed that inspiration can not be forced. It's also a widely held belief that time is money. Unfortunately those two ideas work against each other. Usually we find that, at work or school, inspiration is needed within a deadline. That's why it's important to realize that inspiration can be more easily accessible.

We can use preparation and practice to help draw that inspiration in . Surrounding ourselves with reminders of our success sets an optimistic environment to build from. We must work hard to create an environment that nurtures and inspires the creative process as much as possible. We must entertain every thought and consider every option. We can develop our creative efficiency when we realize the differance between qualified and unqualified ideas as individuals. We must leave our ego at the door and work together to find the best solution. We must allow ourselves to entertain seemingly irrelevant notions with the understanding that they can lead us to innovation and we must be fearless during the process. Capture inspiration. Waiting for inspiration is for amateurs.

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