Tuesday, May 25, 2010


In the hilarious book titled, "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy," authored by Douglas Adams, there is a moment when a famous question is posed: “What is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything?” After inputting the question into a super computer, the answer that was provided was “42.” The computer, noticing the confusion its answer caused the people, explained further to say that the true problem is that nobody really understands the question. Hence, the reason they also did not understand the answer.

I think I’ve found the right question. I’ve listed the process I went through to find the correct question to the meaning of life below.

1) Are you happy?
2) Do you laugh daily?
3) Are you loved by someone?
4) Do you love someone?
5) Are you challenged daily?
6) Are you proud of your work?
7) Are you proud of your choices?
8) Can you trust the people around you?
9) Can you solve problems?
10) Are you contributing to the life of others?
11) Are you a good person?
12) Are you doing your best?
13) Are you teaching?
14) Are you learning?
15) Are you part of the solution?
16) Do you have empathy?
17) Do you try to make a difference?
18) Do you make time for yourself?
19) Do you hold the door open for others? (Symbolically and literally.)
20) Do you try to experience other cultures?
21) Do you try to surprise yourself?
22) Do you wonder why things are the way they are?
23) Do you work to live, instead of live to work?
24) Do you do things that are hard?
25) Do you tell people what you like about them?
26) Do you allow yourself to have your mind changed?
27) Are you able to manage your ego constructively?
28) Are you brave enough to try to understand the pain of others?
29) Have you ever helped a stranger?
30) Have you ever attempted to create art?
31) Have you ever shed tears of pride and joy?
32) Do you appreciate what you have, no matter how little?
33) Have you ever expressed your true self to anyone?
34) Have you ever stood up for someone who needed help?
35) Have you ever forgiven an enemy?
36) Have you ever given help anonymously?
37) Do you ever make time to notice something beautiful?
38) Do you try to improve the lives of those around you?
39) Do you listen?
40) Do you see?
41) Do you lead by example?
42) Do you share what you’ve learned?

Finally, I think that the real question to the answer of life, the universe and everything is this.

How many of these questions can you answer “yes” to? If your answer is “42” then you’ve figured out the answer already.

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