Thursday, July 19, 2012

A bird's eye view

A bird flies over a forest and identifies a safe place to begin nesting. Once it's found its location, the bird gathers twigs and leaves and starts weaving a nest that becomes a resting place for its eggs. But that's just the beginning of the process. With a bit of nurturing and love, within a few weeks, eggs hatch and you have new birds that will one day do the same. Are you seeing the metaphor yet?

If you are working on a problem or trying to come up with a campaign, start from way up high. Look at the issue from a bird's eye view and zero in on your concept. Gather ideas and weave a solution. Once you have a solution in place, there is one more step to take, one that we often forget: nurture it and watch it grow on its own. The success of that solution will inspire even more ideas. It's the circle of life AND ideas.

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