Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cartoon Caption Contest

Here is an old cartoon of mine. I've removed the caption so you could give it a shot. Send me your ideas. Post them in the comment box below. Give me some funny!

Here are some submittions I received from FB and Twitter:

Craig Galati
"That's it. No more listening to Rush Limbaugh!" or "Halloween has gotten out of control this year!" or "Dear, your parents need to quit spoiling the kids!"

Brian Rouff
"We're starting a new holiday tradition."

Teri Erhard Davis
"Shouldn't you be getting the kids ready for church?"

Gigi Raffi Blansett (My sister)
You shouldn't let Santa call my sister for gift ideas!!!!

Robert Crawford
"Just because late term abortion is illegal, honey, doesnt mean you should spend the rest of the kids childhood trying to find a loophole."

"Gladys, If worse comes to worse with this economy, yes, you are right, we could write a screenplay"

"When I said the kids could play "Red Neck Rampage" this Christmas I meant the computer game Amy!"

"Gift cards are sounding good now!"

F Andrew Taylor
Look, if they weren't safe, they wouldn't have let me buy them.

Amber Swanson
"You NEVER said no alligators in the house!"

Brandy Ferro
Hunny, what happens in Vegas is suppose to stay in Vegas!!!

Nikki Williams
You promised me UFC tickets last year and I got nothing, So I improvised!!

Joe Cygan
"I'll get the car keys."

Marek Biernacinski
"Must be from your side of the family."

Tom Fay
I know that your an environmentalist and I'm not. Really we need to think about the kids!

Candice Cummins
I told you NO COMMERCIALLY themed pajamas.

Melissa Anne Rothermel
"Our last babysitter left for ... personal reasons. She loved the kids though. I'm sure you three will get along just fine while I'm gone."


  1. See, Honey.. I told you this would happen if we took away their cell phones!

  2. For the last time, she's no Wednesday, he's no Pugsley, and you, my dear, are no Morticia! Now where's my damn sword?

  3. They're spoiled...they don't know the value of hard work! We'll talk more after the lottery goes off.