Friday, October 25, 2013

Managing a Strong Creative Team

The key to managing a strong creative team involves hiring the right people for the culture of your business and empowering them. Empowering your staff creates ownership and shows them that you respect them. It produces work that reflects the level of commitment your staff has to the business.

When you create a nurturing environment that respects good work and sees bad work as learning opportunities, it helps build a culture of innovation that is inclusive and inspiring. It's important that your people feel (and know) that you have their backs.

Understanding that the ultimate goal is to create an efficient and profitable workplace, protect your staff from things that waste everyone's time or create unnecessary situations. Doing this shows your employees the quality of their work environment is a priority to you.

Be aware that you are being observed. The vastness of a leader's responsibility can sometimes cause him/her to lose touch with the emotional sensitivity of employees. Realize your performance is always being judged.

And lastly, remember that everything you do affects everyone on your team. Your bad day can ruin their good day. Your goofy dance can break them out of a creative slump. We're all human, we're all friends. Remember that and you'll always have success.

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