Thursday, December 27, 2012

We All Need Each Other

Thanks to our creative capacity and our ability to reason and innovate, the human organism possesses a great deal of adaptive flexibility. This is what allows it to survive in many different conditions. But it is also rigidly programed for certain environmental requirements. Just as our bodies require physical nutrients the human brain demands positive forms of environmental stimulus at all stages.

We must ask the question: Is the condition we have created in the modern world actually supporting our mental health? Is the bedrock of our socioeconomic system acting as a positive force for human and social development and progress? Or is our society actually going against the core evolutionary requirements needed to create and maintain our personal and social well-being?

In Creative Courage we discuss our tendency to amend problems instead of looking at the core of why there is a problem and why we need a solution. I think the need for a solution to our epidemic of violence in the world is clear. I believe we need to consider looking at the beginning of the chain reaction that ends in a member of our society feeling they must take up arms against children. The solution is bigger than what has been discussed. Gun control is not the answer and more guns isn't the answer either. There has to be a fundamental shift where we all realize we are not on our own and that we ALL NEED EACH OTHER and must work to protect each other as we progress in life. I don't have an easy answer. I don't think there is one. But I know that if the majority of us begin to work together, we will find a solution that will begin to make that shift.

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