Monday, November 29, 2010

A poem written by my grandfather for my 6th Birthday.

This is an amazing poem written by my grandfather in 1974. My dad just gave it to me so I wanted to post it to this site as a record and small example of his amazing talent. He died when I was very young. But still remember him sitting in his desk at night typing away on his typewriter. He was a writer, poet and composer of musicals and plays. Any semblance of artistic talent I have came from him. I tried my best to translate it into English. I'm open for suggestions and edits.

The trumpets sounded
And the drums rang
The future goals of the patriots
Are now dictated by the victors

An Independent village was born
Spearheaded by Artigas
Who with bravery in battle
Saved Uruguay

August 25 would shine
As never the sun shone
From the East flag
Which reflected the melting pot

August 25 was
when Alex saw the light
In a foreign Homeland
Bringing glory and joy
for his fathers and relatives
Away from the beloved homeland
That with cheers and songs
Celebrating his arrival

Six years already have past
The years of the little man
A rascal alive and growing
nesting in his pleasures

the echo of his accent come
On this glorious day
A sweet event celebrating
This beautiful boy

We have you close
Although you are far away
And in the original flight
Comes your reflection

Deepens the thinking mind
full of dreams
thirsty beats the heart of emotions.

Sending one thousand kisses
and six little tugs on the ear
while we wish for a beautiful
future of years.

Be Happy with your sister who
as a pair together has blessed
for ever the way of your destiny


  1. Alex !!!! Emocionante tu recuerdo del nonno.En cada festividad o cumpleanos de sus seres queridos llegaba una poesia !!! Tu eras chiquito...pero veo que lo recuerdas con tanto amor . Gracias Alex ,te quere mucho tia MariĆ¹