Saturday, May 16, 2009


Alex Raffi 10-12-04

I see the conscious look on my daughters face
as she governed each step along the wet sand.
Like a starfish holds to old wood.


Realized in a glance.
The window left open.
We’ve come to a place wet with delight.
And yet that jagged rock rattles in my scull.
Leaving each scare permanent and forgotten.


Worthless words end suddenly when the fuse goes out.
Disengaged like the great pause of a wake.
Like the drop of a glass in a church.
Like the silence after a bomb.

Nothing is simple.
Everyone is wrong.
No one will listen.
And nothing is said.

Have you ever felt someone else’s life?
Have you ever smelled a flower that reminded you
of something that happened to someone you’ve never met?

It’s amazing how little we care about each other.
It’s truly amazing how unimpressive we all are.

We forget about the great swell inside.

It’s easy to forget things we can’t control or define.
It’s unnerving to love too much.
It’s chews on us like gum.
You make it the source of all you know.
The only thing that makes sense is nonsense.

Men grate at the fabric of life.
Men define it.
Men sneer at it.
We denigrate, belittle and categorize life.
Men, most men have proven they hate life.

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